Friday, June 8, 2012

Wee Nam Kee

I have been planning to try out Wee Nam Kee for such a long time, but never got the chance.  So happy that they opened a branch in the South.  So I finally had the chance to take the Little Ones out for lunch last month. 

The Little Boy absolutely loves soup, he is always the first one to take a spoonful of any soup.  This one was complimentary, but it was still very flavorful, he loved it a lot.

I had the barley drink which was very refreshing

Chili, thick soy sauce and ginger
condiments to use with the Hainesese chicken

I enjoyed this garlic kangkong dish very much 

This fried rice was so good that you can just have this
and you would be very happy

The house specialty, Hainanese chicken,
we decided to get the roast kind
so that the kids would eat it.  

The Little Girl is into eating pasta and noodles these days.
This was her order, she picked it from the menu, it was just okay,
 I found it kind of bland.  But it was easily fixed with some calmansi and toyo

Another request from the Little Girl was this yummy squid dish

I will definitely be taking the Little Ones back to Wee Nam Kee soon, in fact the Little Girl is planning our next meal, she took note of other dishes she would like to try on our next visit. 
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