Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Garlic and Kangkong Pasta

The original recipe where I got this from recommends using spinach which is also great, but kangkong is more readily available and cheaper.

This is a super simple pasta dish.  All you do is sauteed  minced garlic, I like mine very garlicky so I use a whole garlic head,  then add kangkong leaves.  Cook until leaves wilt then just add some chili flakes and the cooked pasta, mix everything together.  Then serve with parmesan cheese.  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Curacha Cream Pasta

My Dad is from Zamboaga so we love having curacha whenever we can. I love it just boiled, but by sometimes I want something different.  So felt creative and made some curacha cream pasta, so simple but so delicious. 


After a year long hiatus I am back.  So happy to finally having time to blog again.  It has been a busy year with looks of good eats.  

For my first post of the year I decided to post this for posterity sake,  this merienda happened almost a year ago, but since I was MIA it is only now that I am posting it.  It was the Little Girl's 10th birthday, we spent the day at Alabang Town Center.  Had lunch at Wee Nam Kee then merienda at Bannaple.  The Little Girl as usual had pasta which she enjoyed.  The Little Boy absolutely loves sweets so he ordered cake which he was able to finish. 

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