Monday, February 6, 2012

Snow Globes Are Always Fun

Picture courtesy of my dear friend Picoy
After seeing Disney on Ice we headed over to SM Mall of Asia to see the giant snow globe.  I have to admit I too was quite excited because I have always been fascinated with snow globes.

The line to get in the globe was quite long, so I had the Little Ones roam and play around the area, while I waited in line.

Santa's couch, too bad we missed him 

Even with her eyes closed she still looks so precious

At this point the Little Boy was getting impatient and antsy so the Little Girl was trying to calm him down.  But once inside the snow globe, it was fun, fun, fun as evidenced by their wide grins in the  succeeding pictures. 

Afterwards the Little Boy saw the carousel and insisted that he ride it.  He has a fondness for this ride, whenever he sees a carousel he needs to get on it. 

He did not want to get off

Next time we go to MOA the giant Ferris wheel will be our destination.  The Little Ones keep on asking when that will be I told them soon. 


Gladys | said...

is the snow globe still at MOA? we missed this one last xmas...

Eileen said...

Hi Gladys, I don't think it would still be there. But I am sure next Christmas they will have another great attraction. Hope you and your family gets to visit that one =)

Grace In Full Measure said...

How fun! We missed this!!

MaryJane Tauyan said...

such beautiful kids you have there dear!!! love the snow globe too!! looks amazing!! xx

Eileen said...

Grace, so glad that you are back I and your other readers missed you.

MaryJane, thanks yes they really are precious little ones.

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