Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kimpura: I So Missed You

Let me start by apologizing for the quality of the pictures, I did not have my camera so I used my low tech cellphone to take pictures.  I was not really prepared that day since I was accompanying my Dad to a doctor's appointment.  It was a nice surprise that he wanted to treat us to lunch at an old family favorite.  Kimpura was our go to restaurant in Makati the whole family has missed them since they closed a couple of years ago.  So I was very thankful and super excited that Dad wanted to have lunch here. 

Love the interiors, we were the first customer for lunch, but soon after
the lunch crowd came

They still serve the free appetizer of sweet-chili dilis
with vegetables.  But the serving have become so small
but gladly still good 

I don't eat sushi nor any maki except for California. 

I always used to order ebi tempura in the old Kimpura,
was expecting them to be huge like before, was a little disappointed that they are smaller now
My parents ordered the bento set meals.  I should have followed my Dad' urging and ordered one of those.  They shared with me pieces of their katsu and it was really delicious and tender just like how I remember them.  Overall I guess my expectations were really too high for this Kimpura reunion, but I am willing to go back and I am sure next time I will enjoy the food more. 

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Awic Deles (WMG Liaison Officer) said...

@the Author: Ahhhhhh...I miss Kim too ;-) Wait...Dilis is just an appetizer? and a "freebie" at that?!? Sigh,I'm just an appetizer now :-(

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