Saturday, July 16, 2011

I love Crabs

My love for crabs started when I was a very young girl.  I love everything about crabs.  I love their shape, I love their color, I love how feisty they are and most of all I love how DELICIOUS they taste!

There was a time I was obsessed with the claws. Trying to get the last morsel of meat out of them. Recently I discovered that the tiny legs have such sweet and yummy meat.  Before I use to disregard the legs, now I gather every leg,  these have become my favorite.  I simply break the legs and then squeeze the meat out.  My family thinks I am being a crab cheapskate and what I am doing is silly, because my fingers at times become sore from the squeezing.   But I tell you for me the meat I get from the legs is worth all the trouble :)


Grace In Full Measure said...

Ah yes, crabs are the best! Love to mix the aligue in hot rice then eat the meat along with it :)You can get nifty little crab picks at Cooks Exchange. The picks can really extract every little bit of meat from the legs.

Eileen said...

Thanks Grace. I'll make sure to check out those nifty picks :)

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