Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kung-Fu Panda 2 in 3D

This entry  is about month overdue, but I am still going to post so that when the Little Ones are grown up they can look back at the Little Boy's first cinema experience.

It was a hot summer weekday when I decided to take the kids to see Kung Fu Panda 2.  The Little Girl has been dropping hints for the last few days that she loved the first Kung Fu Panda moive, and the sequel was currently showing.  Since it was summer, school was out, I together with my sister-in-law took them to the movies.  Initially it was just supposed to be the Little Girl and me but the Little Boy wanted to come.  He has never been to the cinemas before and we were not quite sure if he would be still enough to even start the movie.

When we go to the Alabang Town Center Cinemas I was shocked to learn that each movie tickets costs P300.00++ because the movie was in 3D. The meant I had to shell out over P1,200.00 for the four of us. I almost turned around to leave, but heck the kids would be so disappointed.  So though I begrudged every peso I was handing over the the ticket seller, I kept thinking the Little Ones are worth it. The Little Girl wanted snacks, good thing my sis-in-law volunteered to pay for the snacks because I may have snapped at this point.

Like I said it was the Little Boy's first time in a cinema 3D pa wow.  So we settled ourselves in our seats, wore our 3D glasses and waited for the fun to start.  The Little Boy kept on saying "it is so dark, why?"  We tried to explain it to him. He was also very curious why we needed to wear the glasses.  He had so many questions, good thing we got him to be quite before the movie stated. 

It was my first time to watch a full length 3D movie. The only other 3D movie I had seen was a short cartoon showed in Ocean Park in Hong Kong.  That was a most dizzying experience, it seemed to me the whole cartoon was in orange, after the movie I was seeing stars..  So my expectations for a full length 3D movie was not too much.  I was pleasantly surprised that this 3D experience was a great one.  I guess over the years there have been leaps in the development of 3D technology. The colors were great, and you really felt like you were part of the movie. 

The Little Boy was enjoying himself, until a scary part of the movie, at that point he took off the 3D glasses.  He said he did not want to be hit but the stones being thrown.  So he watched the rest of the movie without the glasses.  Near the end he was getting a bit antsy, but I am proud that he finished the whole movie.  Much better than when we first took the Little Girl to see her first movie, we only got through the first 30 minutes, she wanted to leave na. 

I am looking forward to enjoying more movies with them, I just hope that the next movie will not be in 3D, my wallet wants to rest naman :) 

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