Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Rainy Sunday Morning At Soderno With My Mother

Last Sunday I took my Mom to Soderno Sunday market.  I have taken the Little Ones to Soderno Night market before, but was not able to blog about.  Honestly there was just way too many people that night to really take any pictures but I and the Little Ones had a fun time sampling the delicious food items. 

I almost cancelled on Mom, because it was drizzling that day, effects of typhoon Sendong.  But glad that we did go because there were plenty of new food discoveries.

Manila Q's Bagwang
My favorite discovery was Manila Q's Bagwang.  This is liempo sliced thinly like bacon.  It was so good I used in different dishes for 3 straight days. 

Another great find was Odayang's which had the best tasting okoy we have ever had. Love that it was made mainly out of green papaya, it gave the okoy a wonderful taste and texture.   And this is probably one of the cheapest but tastiest items being sold at Mercato.  At P25.00 a piece, which is huge, this is super worth it. 

Odyang also sells goto with lechon bits which my Mom absolutely loved.  I don't eat goto but from based on my Mom's feedback the goto was cooked perfectly and she loved its clean taste, no panghe after taste that other gotos have. We brought home a bowl of this for Dad, who was equally as pleased with it.  In fact this is on our must buy list when we visit Soderno again. 

Manang's Chicken
This is the Little Girl's absolute favorite.  She had her first taste of this when we visited Mercato Centrale earlier in the year.  Since then she has been craving for it, so had to buy her some Manang's.  She finished about 8 pieces on her own.

Of course Mom's first weekend market visit would not be complete if I did not buy her some sweet stuff.

This is called Inutak, it is like sapin-sapin but softer in texture.  It comes in two flavors - plain and keso de bola.  Mom chose the keso de bola one, which she shared with the Little Boy who absolutely love it. 

These are from Elle's Torta, they are called Cebuana Tortes.  I guess it originated from Cebu.  It is like mamon but more buttery in texture. It is not too sweet, so I liked this quite a lot. 

And last but certainly not the least, a box of yummy chocolate chip cookies from the FoodLab, Inc.They not only have delicious pastries they also have the friendliest and funniest people.  I always look forward to dropping by their booth because I always leave with a smile. 

The Littles Ones love the cookies so much all of it was gone by the next day.  Such little cookie monsters they are =) 

Overall Mom was quite happy with her first experience at a weekend market, I can't say the same for my wallet ; ) good thing it was the last weekend for Soderno.  But I am sure come January Mom will be asking when can I can take her back to Soderno?  Need to save up for that  =) 


Lady Soda said...

Those desserts are mouthwatering! I am curious with that Inutak...Saan lang ba yan available? Gusto kong tikman :P. Merry Christmas!!

The Pepperrific Life said...

That goto with lechon looks sooo yummy! I want one right now...

Have a merry Christmas :)

Eileen said...

Hi Lady Soda, we bought the inutak in Soderno Weekend Market in Alabang. Not sure where else they are available. Next time I am there I will ask them =)

Eileen said...

Hi The Pepperrific Life, yes the goto with lecho was super yummy according to my parents. They both loved how great it tasted, you should go to Soderno and check out Odyang's stall.

Matsumoto said...

I so miss our food, especially such crispy fried goodness, and the desserts, nothing beats pinoy sweets talaga!

daisy said...

awww everything looks yummy! but i want a bite of that torta!

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