Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sinigang Na Ulang


You are probably wondering where is the soup of the sinigang.  Well I am not too fond of broth based soup, so when my Mom made her sinigang na ulang for Satruday lunch, I took out the ulang  from the hot steaming bowl and passed the soup over to the Little Boy, he absolutely loves anything soup. Something he only eats rice with soup.

Even without the soup, since the ulang  had been infused with the flavors of the broth, the meat was so flavorful.  This is probably the biggest and meatiest ulang I have ever had.   So I had to take a photo and blog about it. I think I ate every single part of it except the shells, well maybe I even ate some of the shells, it was that good. 


SavvyMama said...

yummm! been awhile since I had my fresh ulang...ehehhee!

QUEENIE G. said...

I love your blog. It’s very interesting. I see your passion in food; you do your best to cook a delicious meal and that’s the reason why you also captured my heart. So cheers to your new follower!

Oh btw I'm hosting my first giveaway. So check out my blog and feel free to join. HAPPY HOLIDAYS:)


Eileen said...

Queenie, than you very much for your encouraging words. You just made my day =)

Will visit your blog =)

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