Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Is Near And Spending The Day With The Little Boy

There are 3 presents for the kids na under the tree
Today is December 1st, and for me this officially is the start of the Christmas season.  I know here in the Philippines  for a lot of Pinoys the first day of September is unofficially the start of the season, but for me it is today. My birth month is November, so it has to end first before I get into the Christmas spirit. Starting today I can listen to Christmas songs being played without rolling my eyes and thinking "it's way too early to be hearing the song Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit" which by the way is the Little Boy's favorite and has been singing since September.  Also starting today I can look at our Christmas tree and enjoy it without thinking "we put this up much too early, that it is kind of silly". You see the Little Boy likes to have decorations up by October, several weeks before he celebrates his birthday. Christmas is his favorite celebration, he likes it more than his birthday. I guess he got that from his Mamita and Lolo who both love the season.  

Speaking of the Little Boy, it is not often that we go out just the two of us.  Usually we have the Little Girl with us, but yesterday it was just me and him.  Since it was a holiday I decided to go to the St. James Bazaar in Alabang to meet up with my dear friend Cindy who had a booth there, and I decided to bring along the Little Boy.  

When we got to the bazaar there were so many people and it was super humid.   I expected the Little Boy to complain right away because he absolute hates crowds and the heat.  But surprising there were no complaints, in fact he was having a good time looking at the goods, walking around and he kept on smiling at people and saying hi.  To ensure that he does not become cranky I got him a cup of cookies and cream gelato from the Cara Mia which he happily ate while we were looking for my friend's booth. He was so charming with Cindy and her sister, I think that he will grow up to be quite the charmer and will make lots of girls giggle.

My friend Cindy had lots of great stuff for kids, she had clothes, shoes, toys and Tot Seats which is really the perfect seat for your toddlers.  I bought a couple sets of muscle shirts and shorts for the Little Boy and my other pamangkins Kuya and Biboy, that' show they like to be called. If you have a toddler or little kids you will love Cindy's merchandise, they are of high quality at very affordable prices.  Just drop me a comment or an email (  if you would like me to contact Cindy for you, I assure you'll love her stuff. 

Now back to the rest of the day with the Little Boy.  After saying goodbye to Cindy, the Little Boy said that he was hungry and wanted to eat at the bazaar.  But I told him that the heat was getting to me and if he liked we could eat at Alabang Town Center, he happily agreed with my suggestion.  So we had a simple lunch at Wok Inn at the Food Choices, afterwards he wanted to play.  It is a must for him to go to the playground whenever we are at ATC, so off to the playground we went.  
An old photo of him and the Little Girl at the playground
Yesterday he made a discovery at the playground. An older kid climbed up and stood in the area beside the slide and used the megaphone attached at the side.  We never knew it was there before, so The Little Boy quickly lined up behind the kid.  When it was his turn to use the megaphone I was expecting him to say either Hi or Hello, instead he uttered these words into it "Balut, balut".  I tell you the heads of the kids and the adults turned towards him. He repeated it about 10 times.   I was surprised and laughing out loud with my eyes tearing up.  Once again the Little Boy has shown me that he has such a wickedly funny sense of humor, and I love that about him.

When he grew tired of the playground he asked to go to Timezone to play with arcade car games.  He loves cars and I think he will grow up to become either a collector of cars or a car sales agent.  We ended up getting 86 tickets from all the games we played, he chose to exchange the tickets for an angry bird sharpener and mini toy. I tried to get him to get other items but he has his own mind and insisted on getting the ones he wanted.  Another trait I like about him he knows what he wants and he stands his ground.

At the end of our long day I asked him if he was tired, he said he was not and that he was still full of energy and wanted to know if we could go out again the following day, because he had such a good time.  I told him that he had to go to school, but on Saturday I promised to take him out again for more fun and memories. 

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