Monday, December 5, 2011

Pho 24

At the end of the lights and sounds show at the Ayala Triangle Gardens the Little Ones were quite hungry.  All the other restaurants at the area were full so we ended up at Pho 24.  I've never tried nor heard about this restaurant before but since the Little Ones were super hungry and were becoming cranky I had no choice.  

Obviously she looks super tired and hungry
The Little Boy though hungry still had the energy to goof around
Scanning the menu I learned that they did not too many dishes to offer.  Most of the items were pho, which would have probably been good but since it was quite humid I was not in the mood for any hot soup.  We ended up ordering mostly appetizers since their other offerings were mostly set rice meals which the Little Ones were not interested in.

We first had the fried spring rolls, which were just so so.  The filling was bland even if you dipped it nuoc nam.  We definitely have had better rolls in other places.

Next came the pomelo salad.  I have had and made lots of pomelo salads before but never like this one.  Their version has coconut cream, so I was very excited to taste this dish.  Unfortunately the pomelo they used was still unripe so you did not get any sweetness, it was very bland.  But at least I got a new idea for a twist on my pomelo salad. I'll be adding coconut cream next time I made this dish at home. 

The fried rice was the only dish I enjoyed, but it was nothing special about it that is worth mentioning.

The Little Boy liked these crispy chicken wings a lot, but for me again there was nothing special about the dish. 

Though I did not really enjoy the food at Pho 24, our visit there served its purpose which was to satisfy the hunger pangs of the Little Ones.  After dinner they were energized as shown in the pictures below.

Dancing under the stars and lights

She had her lovely smile back : ) 
Will I return to Pho 24? Probably not, but then on second thought maybe if the other restos in the area were full and again I had no other choice but to. 

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