Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making Money Thru Blogging

When I started this blog almost a year ago to help me with my recovery from my illness,  I did not know that you can make money by blogging.  It was only last month that I learned How To Make Money online.  

I was so excited to see that there are  so many avenues for you to make money from blogging.  I would like to share with you  the 2 easiest ways to earn:

1. You can monetize your blog by joining GoogleAdsense and other advertiser programs.  You just sign up with them for free and they run ads on your blog.  Apparently once your blog is popular enough you can charge ad space to direct advertisers, giving you a chance to set better rates. Note to self, make this one of my goals for this year.

2. You can write sponsored posts.  This is very simple they give you a topic to write about and you get paid for the post.  This is one exciting avenue that I want to explore more this year.

There are  plenty of other ways to earn from you blog, and even more ways to make money online.  All you really need is to do is a little research to see which avenues will work for you.  Even if you are not a full time blogger I encourage you to explore this opportunity, who doesn't want to earn some extra money, right?  I know I want to so that I can buy the ingredients for all the new recipes I want to try out.  Blogging is a simple, easy, and best of all fun  way to make some money.

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Alice Leighton said...

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