Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thinking Of Having My Own Website

Lst year, about 6 months into blogging I got interested in How To Make A Website but never really got around to giving it much serious thought.  However this year one of the items on my list is to try to earn some extra money from blogging, so I am doing some more research on  making and maintaining my own webstie. 

I am still in the initial stages of my research and planning.  One thing I have learned and quite excited about is  that a blogger you owns a website has many advantages than keeping your blog hosted for free.  Basically owning your website gives you more flexibility with the look and content which translates to more opportunities to earn from blogging. 

Good thing that there is a ton of useful information out there on making your own website, all you really need to do is research.  You can also ask more experienced bloggers for their tips.  I have found the blogger community to be helpful and loves to share their knowledge, this is extremely beneficial for newbies like me.  

So wish me luck in my latest endeavor. 


Aileen said...

This site is already at PR 2...If you plan to buy a domain you'll be back to square one as what happens to most sites. Pwede pa, but don't wait too long kasi PR 3 or higher, medyo nakakahinayang na. But owning a paid domain has it's advantages :-)

Eileen said...

Hi Aileen, cute naman we have the same name except for the first letter :)

Thanks for the advise maybe I should hold on to this one and just buy the domain for the other blog I plan to have. So glad there are bloggers like you always willing and happy to share tips =)

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