Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pansit Palabok

Of all the different kinds of pansit that we have palabok is my favorite.  There was a week not so long ago that I had this for 5 straight days.   It has everything I love to eat - crab fat, shrimps, squid, noodles, boiled eggs and crushed chicaron bits. I believe palabok is a truly authentic Pinoy noodle dish, unlike most of the other pansit dishes which are more Chinese in origin.

I can't exactly recall how old I was when I first had palabok.  But I can vividly remember how happy my taste buds were exploding with flavor, loving the richness of the crab sauce and the different textures of the ingredients.  I was in food heaven at that time.  I try to relieve this utopia every time I take that first forkful bite, hhmmmm heaven indeed.

When I have gathered enough cooking confidence I will cook this dish, but for now I respect this dish too much to try to attempt to make it.  

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