Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mom's Sukiyaki

With typhoon Pedring raging outside, I am craving for some of Mom's wonderfully warm sukiyaki.  Mom is not much of a cook, she feels cooking is a chore and has not much interest in it.  But there are several dishes that she makes really well, her sukiyaki is one of them.  She ensures that everyone's individual bowls have plenty of beef tenderloins in them.  Except my bowl, she makes mine all veggie since I don't eat beef.   

How I wish I was using chopsticks right now to slurp up those noodles and pick the yummy veggies. While the broth keeps me warm like Mom's hugs, which no child ever outgrows.


Did not realize this is my 100th post.  When I started this blog in March I never thought that I would be posting as much I have nor would it lift my spirits as much as it has.  I hope to be able to keep at it and make new food discoveries.

1 comment:

Grace In Full Measure said...

Oh but sukiyaki without the beef isn't quite the same :( Oh well, at least you get to try the broth and the flavor is all there anyway. Congrats on your 100th post! :)

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