Friday, September 2, 2011

The Little Girl's 9th Birthday

She turned 9 this week.  We had a two day celebration for her.  On the first day we told her that after her visit to the pediatrician we would take her to ATC so that she could have a fun day since her birthday was coming up.  What she did not know was back home her Mita was preparing a surprise party for her.  We invited a couple of relatives over to celebrate with us. We told her since it was her special day she could plan the day including where we would eat, as expected she chose North Park and ordered her favorites. 

Crispy pinsec prito

Her favorite salted garlic squid

Yummy yang chow rice
After lunch she decided she wanted to play at Dave's Funhouse, where she and the Little Boy had loads of fun playing and making new friends.  Then it was time to head home when the car pulled into the garage she was so surprised to see that the lanai was decorated in butterflies and flowers. These pretty decorations were all handmade by her dear Mita. 

Here is her beautiful birthday cake
Around the cake were miniature cupcakes
Since we had the big party 2 days before her birthday, on her actual natal day we had ordered some of her favorites for merienda - chicken wings, pizza and tortilla chips from Yellow Cab.  And another cake, this time it was her favorite mocha roll. 

Happy Birthday Little Girl, thank you for bringing to much joy to our lives.  We love you very much. 

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