Monday, September 5, 2011

Lechon Kawali Honey Bagoong Salad

I was reading the September 2011 issue of Yummy magazine, and it inspired me to make this salad.  The September issue is all about Pinoy food.  It featured a bagnet and honey bagoong dip recipe that I will do soon, but for now I made this salad to satisfy my cravings.  I thought since we were going to have lechon kawali for Sunday lunch, why not attempt to make a lechon kawali lettuce salad and pair it with honey bagoong, topped with some chili flakes.  The combination of the the ingredients was wonderful, though next time I should cut the lechon kawali into smaller bits.  It was a deliciously sinful salad that was worth all the cholesterol and calories. 
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