Friday, November 4, 2011

Gold Leaf Teas

I won this Gold Leaf Tea set about 2 months ago, but was only  able to claim it yesterday.  I don't drink tea nor coffee, my tongue can't handle hot beverages, I drink juice in the mornings. My tea experience had been limited to the free ones served at Chinese restaurants and the ones served to you at spas after you get your massage.  But since I won this set I am going to immerse myself in the world of tea. Reading the pamphlet that came with the prize I was amazed to learn that there are so many tea flavors,  it seems limitless.  

In the box was oolong, mint, chamomile, jasmine, honey lemon, and green tea, plus two mugs.  I chose to have honey lemon, since it was the most familiar among the 6 choices.  So I followed the instructions to steep the tea bag in hot water for 2 minutes, then took it out.  I waited another 3 minutes to take my first sip,  I had to let it cool down a bit, remember my tongue does not like hot beverages.   Upon taking the first sip I was pleasantly surprised, I could taste that distinct tea flavor but it also had hints of honey and lemon that made it refreshing.  It was a great way to start my 37th birthday. I am so looking forward to trying out the other flavors.  Who knows maybe enjoying a cup of tea while reading the newspaper will become a morning habit for me. 

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