Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I associate this snack with lots of fond memories from childhood.  My first happy memory of kropek is of Mr. Ho's restaurant in Makati.  The kropek was garnish  for their fried poultry dishes, us kids were more interested in the kropek than main dish.  Another fond memory was during Christmas season,  when we would go to the carnivals, kropek was my Lola Ying's favorite snack too, she would buy a bag and she would share it with me, our fingers would get all greasy from the oil.  Then there would be times when Dad would come home from work  his pasalubong for us would be several bags of kropek.  And the fondest memory was when Lola Ying discovered that you can buy uncooked kropek from the grocery and cook it at home. I remember her saying "Now Apo we can have it anytime we would  have a craving", and that she did, we always had a craving for it.  She would cook a bowl and we would share it while I tell her how my day was in school.  

I have to go now I have a bowl of kropek waiting for me, need to get to it before the Little Ones finish it all :)  

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The Average Jane said...

I like kropek too. Its a great snack! =)

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