Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lechon Flakes

There were plenty of  left-over lechon from the Little Boy's birthday. It seems that with the crispy skin all gone no one was interested in the lechon meat.   Since it came all the way from Cebu I wanted to honor the lechon by making sure that we consume all of it.  And my other reason it was quite expensive there was no way I was not going to get our money's worth by making sure we made use of all of it. 

We already used some to make paksiw na lechon a few days ago, but we still had plenty of meat sitting in the freezer. I thought why not make them into flakes, it would be like adobo flakes but this time it would be lechon.  So I pounded loads of garlic, sauteed them up in some oil, then added the flaked lechon meat, seasoned it with some salt, pepper and brow sugar, cooked it until it was deliciously crispy.  We used it as toppings for several dishes, and when we felt like it dipped it in some vinegar and ate it with rice.  

Of all the dishes we used the lechon flakes on my favorite one was when I added it to my salsa salad, then mixed in some homemade croutons.  Ah I tell you it was heavenly.  It was so good I made the same salad dish for lunch the following day.

As of today all of the lechon has been consumed na, mission accomplished we definitely got our money's worth from this yummy piggy.


Paula said...

You know, I'm not really that fond of lechon per se. I like it better when it's turned into another viand like lechon paksiw for example.

Eileen said...

Me too. With lechon I really just like the skin. Then I usually use the meat for another dish.

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