Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Little Boy's 5th Birthday

The Little Boy celebrated his 5th birthday recently.  I can't believe it that 5 years have passed.  He was born premature and had a hole in his heart.  He had to undergo a heart operation when he was just a few months old.  He was also born with a G6PD deficiency that limits his diet.  We thought that he would be sickly all his life, but now he is a healthy, super jolly and kulit little man. Even his G6PD deficiency is not much as a hindrance as we initially thought it would be.  When he was an infant we were given a long list of food items that he should avoid.  But now it is alright for him to taste some of the food on the list, but only in small doses.  Whenever he sees us eating a food item on the list he will say "please i want to taste lang, please just 1 or 2 bites lang." His pediatrician says it is okay, fava beans are the only ones that are a total no no.   As you can see from the picture above he has a wicked sense of humor and knows how to have fun. I hope he never losses these two traits. 

The five cupcakes were decorated by the Little Girl for her brother.  I think the Little Boy liked these more than his actual birthday cake.  He knows that this one was made especially for him by his Ate with much love and care. He had loads of fun that night, he enjoyed participating in the different party games and eating the food.  As for every child I know the best part was the opening of gifts.  He was excited to rip off  the gift wrappings to find out what his presents were.

This was the birthday spread. The lechon was flown in from Cebu, but since the flight was delayed by 2 hours the skin was no longer crispy.  It was soggy and sad looking which really disappointed us.

So the solution was to take off all the skin and deep-fry them. I know it is not the healthiest of solutions but at least we were able to salvage it the best way that we could.   It turned out fine, but not as good if the lechon skin had remained crunchy despite the flight's delay.

Happy birthday again Little Boy and hope that you grow up to fulfill all your dreams and heart's wishes. 


Badet said...

Happy birthday to your boy! Wow, a lechon from Cebu. I salute all mommies who really makes an effort to make everything so special.

Paula said...

Belated Happy birthday to your little boy. My eldest boy is going on 7 and my youngest going to be 1 year old tomorrow. Kids grow up really fast!
Visiting from BC Bloggers!

Eileen said...

Happy birthday to your son. Yes kids do really grown up so fast, wish they could stay little ones forever :)

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