Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bagoong Fried Rice a la Market Manila

I have been following the blog Market Manila ( for about a year now.  I love his writing  style and his food photos look so appetizingly delicious.

Last month I came across his entry "Bagoong, Pork, Green Mango rice a la Marketman", I knew I had to try my hand in making this dish.  The first time I served this to the family The Little Girl and my Mom loved it so much they had multiple servings.  Since then the Little Girl has been asking that I make it every other week. 

I served this again last night, as one of the dishes we shared to celebrate 2nd Brother's birthday.  Again it was a hit with everyone. 

Thank you MM for sharing this delicious dish.

Below is the link to Market Manila's entry, it has the complete recipe.  I make mine without tapalen, because I could not find it.  But looking forward to making it with tapalen soon.

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