Thursday, April 7, 2011

My First Time To Cook Adobo

It was my first time to cook adobo from scratch.  I've made flakes from cooked adobo but I've never tried to make adobo on my own.  When I was young it was my job to check from time to time on the adobo my Mom or Lola was cooking, but that was it.

So today I decided to make my very first chicken adobo.  I was so anxious that I did not leave the side of the stove at all.  I was staring at the pan for the whole 45 minutes the adobo was cooking.   I was worried that the chicken would not be cooked all the way through.  I was worried that the liquid would dry up.  I was worried that the garlic would be burnt and bitter.  So how did the adobo taste?  It was bland.  I should have followed how my Mom and Lola made their adobos.  Once it was on the stove, they left the kitchen and would just check on it once in a while.  I believe all my worrying sucked all the taste out of my adobo.

So to save the dish I decided to turn it to chicken adobo flakes.  I added some more vinegar, and other seasonings.  It turned out okay.

This will not be my last attempt at making adobo, I promise myself that by the end of the year I will be able to make delicious adobo on my own.


JC de Lima said...

Ms. Ei add a little dash of Worcestershire sauce and chili flakes in your adobo it will add some more flavor to your adobo. Plus hard boiled egg or quail eggs will be nice!

Eileen said...

JC, thanks for the tip. I'll add these to my next adobo attempt :)

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