Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Summer Is Here

Summer means star apples are in abundance
Summer has definitely arrived.  The heat the last couple of days has been unbearable.  After cooking all I want to do is spend the rest of the day in the bathroom under the shower.

Another sign summer is here, is the abundance of star apples.  I am not sure if this is the season for star apples but I have always equated this fruit with summer.  My Lola had a house is Bulacan.  Whenever she got back from her visits to Bulacan she would always bring home bags of star apple which grew in her backyard.  One summer she took me with her.  I remember the pierra van (did I spell it right) broke down or was it a flat tire on the way to Bulacan.  We were at the side of the road for quite some time, so I entertained myself by stepping on the makahiya leaves in the grassy patch I stood on. The simple joys of a kid.

When we finally arrived at my Lola's house she showed me the star apple tree, and with the help of her cousin we picked off the ripe pieces and the whole afternoon we enjoyed eating this succulent and sweet fruit. 

Lola had a green thumb, in our house in Manila she had planted banana, atis and  langka trees in the tiny backyard, these trees actually produced fruits.  In the garden she grew roses, bongavillas and other plants I have forgotten what they are called.  I remember taking a walk with her around the village, she liked the flower growing at the front yard of a house so much that she asked the owner if she could cut-off a branch so that she could plant it in our house. We did not know the owner of the house, but I guess she could not resist the charms of my dear Lola. So Lola took that branch, and soon the flowers were in full bloom, much to Lola's delight.  

Lola, her trees and plants are long gone.  The star apples I enjoy today are given to us by friends.  But I will never forget my summer memories with my Lola.

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Anonymous said...

San Francisco yung isang halaman. Yung "reptilian" yung print ng dahon. =)

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