Sunday, March 20, 2011

My First Time To Make Pancakes

The "little girl" asked if we could make pancakes.  I said yes but warned her it would be my first time to make these so I hope she does not expect them to look and taste like the ones from Pancake House or McDonald's.

The first two pancakes did not turn out too good.  I made the batter too thick, and the pan was too hot so the edges were burned.
After adding water to the batter and lowering the heat, the rest of the pancakes turned okay but not as I had hoped they would look.   I had wanted to make perfectly round fluffy pancakes, just like in the restaurants.
The best piece I gave to the "little girl".
Though the pancakes did not turn out like what I had wanted, the little girl had encouraging words "It's yummy Tita, please make pancakes again next week." 

So next week I will try again, does anyone have any tips on how I can achieve making the perfect pancake?

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LadyXciD said...

Sorry I can't give tips on how to make a perfect pancake as I myself don't know how to cook that :D but I wanted to congratulate you for trying woohoo.. I love pancakes and I only ask my mother and sister to cook it for me.. I'm like the "little girl".

Hmm.. maybe you can try different flavored pancakes and give it to the little girl too. :D

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