Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Lunch

Saturday is market day.   So for today's lunch several seafood dishes are on the table.  I did not do much cooking today but I will do a lot of good eating.
I only did one dish, the rest are Mom's. 

Crispy Kangkong is what I made today.   Both the "little  girl" and "little boy" are at the age where they love to eat crispy food.  The "little ones" finished the whole dish even before we could sit down to eat lunch.  

Halaan Soup is a Saturday lunch staple.  Mom has perfected this dish over the years.  It is best served steaming hot.   Eat the soup first then when it has cooled down a bit use your hands to get the clam meat from the shell.

Talangka is another family favorite.  Though I find it hard to get the meat out when Mom serves this halabos style.  I like it better if the taba has already been extracted and then sauteed with lots of garlic, super yummy.

Among all the dishes today Ginataang Hipon is my all time favorite.  I remember when I was young whenever Lola made this I would be the first one to sit at the table and the last one to leave.  Best partnered with several servings of steamed rice.

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