Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun Time at Mommy Diaries

We were at the Mommy Diaries event at the NBC Tent Saturday morning. When we were nearing the NBC Tent the Little Boy said "Yehey nandito naman tayo sa tent".  You see we were at the same venue last week for Yummy Eats. He likes being the Tent because it is big and carpeted, he loves running around inside. 

My sister-in-law and I got free tickets to the event through Groupon, while the kids got to enter for free. Thanks Groupon!

Our first stop was the Praise Party Shop they were giving away free balloons for the kids.  They also had a glitter tattoo section, the Little Girl chose a cute pink cupcake design.  While the Little Boy opted for a green car design, he said he chose that design so that his tat would look like his Lolo’s green Mazda. Praise also offered a mini salon where the girls can have their hair done, and if they liked they could also get make-up for kids.  The Little Ones loved their cute glitter tattoos, and these did not wash off easily it lasted the whole day. The staff was very nice and attentive to the kids.  If you would like more information about Praise Party Shop here is their website –

The Little Girl at the mini salon

The Little Boy getting his tattoo  made

Our second stop was the “Big & Fab Fashion House” a clothing shop for Plus-size women, run by two stylish sisters.  One does the designs and the other is the pretty voluptuous model.  As a plus-size woman I know how hard it is to find nice clothes in a country wherein women are “balingkinitan” (slim).  So whenever I come across a store selling clothes for us Rubenesque type women I have to check it out.  Their clothes are stylish, well-made and the best thing is it is affordable.  I wanted to buy this beautifully beaded blue tunic, unfortunately there was only one left and it was not in my size.  I told the sisters that I would be checking their website often to see what their recent designs and finds are.  If you are also a Big and Fab Gal you should visit their website

I loved the pillows at Precious Organic Herbal Pillows booth.  The pillow stuffing is made from natural grains, aromatic herbs and has essential oils.  It really does bring comfort to any aches, especially an aching back which I had from all the walking.   The pillow perfectly fit around my lower back and instantly I could fell the warmth from it.  Their pillows come in different designs and sizes.  Check out their products at

My favorite discovery at the event is Sassy Delights.  We loved their Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie so much that we declared it tasted better than any Mrs. Fields cookie.  Their cookies are huge and super duper delicious.  We bought a couple hoping that we could enjoy them again at home, but they were so good that we finished all the cookies on the drive home.  Wish we had bought more.  The Little Girl also liked their Cookies and Cream Cupcake, while my sister-in-law fell in love with the Red Velvet cupcake.  You can check out their Facebook page or contact 0905-6653-063 for more info.

It was also wonderful to see that Dec Chinese Deli had a booth. Dec was a favorite of ours when I was young.  Our parents used to bring us to Dec Greenhills to buy siomai, hakaw, asado, siopao and other Chinese goodies.  For our lunch I bought a tray of siomai and hakaw.  The hakaw was delicious, each piece had huge succulent fresh shrimps, and the siomai was just as good.  I had wanted to bring some home but the owner told me that since I was going home late evening, their food would not keep that long.  I like it when merchants are honest, that shows me that they value their customers more than the money they will make from the sale. 

There were other wonderful finds at event, plenty of booths selling children’s clothes and shoes, at discounted prices.  There are several booths selling home products and other wares.  And there are free health talks and demos you can attend.  So check out Mommy Diaries today, (May 29th) is their last day. They will be there up to 8:00 PM.  


The LiST Group said...

Hi Eileen!

Thank you so much on your post! We're sure glad you enjoyed your visit to The Mommy Diaries! :) We hope to see you at our future events! :)

Best regards,
The LiST Group

Ice said...

Hello Eileen!

Thank you so much for including Sassy Delights in your write-up for Mommy Diaries! :) I am so happy your family enjoyed the cupcakes and Oatmeal cookies--such a wonderful feeling after reading that they considered these to be " better than Mrs. Fields"! Thank you so much again! I truly appreciate it :) Hope to see you soon!

Regards, Yssa (Sassy Delights)

Eileen said...

Yssa, we had to include your cookies because they really are that good :)

Donna and Jayie said...

Eileen, what a fabulous blog!!
We love the term you used-Rubenesque :)
What we love about joining bazaars like this is that we get to make friends with interesting people like you.
Big & Fab was an answer to my sister's shopping problem of "size discrimination".
We will get in touch if the blue tunic becomes available. Shipping fee will be on us. :)

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