Sunday, May 22, 2011

Great Time at Yummy Eats

Had such a great Saturday at the Yummy Eats event.   Had a wonderful time sampling all the free food.  Everything tasted great, here are my favorites:

1. General's Lechon - hand downs the best ever lechon I have tasted.  I always thought that nothing could  taste better than our favorite Cebu Lechon, but this Negros style cooked lechon did.  The skin was super crispy and the meat delicious without being fatty or greasy.  Definitely does not need any liver sauce or any other sauce for that matter, this glorious lechon can stand on it's own.

2. Chef Bruce Lim - huge servings of super scrumptious chicken lollipops with chili sweet dressing.  I did not mind getting my fingers sticky with this one, it was worth the mess.   His buko dessert was also very good.

3. Honest Juice Apple Wheat Grass drink - this one I was quite apprehensive to try because it looked liked pureed bermuda grass, not very appetizing to see.  I was happily surprised it was a refreshingly good tasting drink and claims to be good for you because it detoxes your body.

4. Oriental Basket's Bagoong - this booth gave out the biggest portions to sample.  They served their sample bagoong with lots of chopped green mango and pineapple tidbits. They also had the most amiable and knowledgeable presenter, Luis.  He knew everything about his product and spoke about it with gusto that you could not say no in trying it out.  Great thing that their bagoong is indeed the best one I have ever tasted.  Perfect combination of sweet and salty.  He has different varieties - plain (this is the one I bought) then there is the spicy kind there is enough heat to give you a kick, and for those who are brave enough and do indeed love the heat he has an extra spicy version for you.

5. Divine Dessert - this was the first booth we visited and the owner is so friendly, she has a aura of kindness and goodness about her.  She had us try all of her goodies starting with the delicious cheese pimiento spread.  Then the equally good home-made pickles.  Then she gave us two kinds of biscotti, and the surprisingly delicious wasabi kitkat mousse, when you take that bite it starts off sweet then suddenly you get a wasbi kick at the end.

I took my nephew and sister-in-law to the event.  The three of us had a wonderful time, especially since we only paid P100.00.  I won a free ticket to the event, my nephew got in for free because he is below 10 years old.  I paid the discounted ticket rate for my sis-in-law because I had the May issue of Yummy.  This is the best P100.00 I have ever spent in my life.

I apologize I was not able to take pictures of the food because my nephew was a handful for me and my sister-in-law to handle.  He was having so much fun and kept running around.  Also my sis-in-law and I were quite busy sampling all the goodies, we made it a point to visit all the concessionaires.

There was a BaiCapture photo booth that gave away free photo souvenirs, a nice reminder of  how much fun the day was.

BaiCapture photo booth pic of the Little Boy and his Mom
Little Boy wanted a picture with him holding his pic from the photo booth
So looking forward to the next Yummy Eats :)


After I posted this entry I was delighted to find out it was featured at the Yummy Magazine website's "Yummy Eats Recap Love from 8 Blogs" article. 

And then today May 27, Yummy posted a video recap of the event, and I was surprised to see that there are shots of me in the video. Can you spot me?

Yummy Eats from Yummy Magazine and on Vimeo.


Jenn said...

I wasn't able to sample Chef Bruce's foods as well as Honest Juice and Divine Desserts... but I do loved the Oriental Basket bagoong, too!

Thanks for following my blog, hopped here to follow your blog, too.

Aileen said...

I'd definitely have to be at home when I attempt to drink that wheat grass concoction. My stomach reacts quite fast :-)

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