Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yummy Eats

I have been sick the last couple of weeks.  Last Monday was the worst I woke up with a horrible pain in my lower back and stomach that put me out of commission for 3 days.  I was feeling sad because I have had health issues for the last couple of years, and I was thinking what is it this time?  The pain was so bad all I could do for 2 days was lie in bed to get some relief.  Yesterday I was feeling better and had enough energy to check my email, there was surprise waiting for me.  I entered a contest about a week ago at ` I had to post why I love Yummy Magazine, the prizes  are free tickets to Yummy Eats.  I won one of the tickets I am so happy! You can't imagine how happy I was to read that email. 

Yummy has been a constant inspiration to me not only to cook more but to try to beat my health issues.  On days that I can't get out of bed, I leaf thru my Yummy magazine to get me thru the day, and give me some encouragement to get better so that I can make the dishes I have bookmarked.  So I am counting the days to Yummy Eats, and hoping that I will be well enough to go.  Correction whether well or not I am definitely going, I believe it is fate that I won that free ticket, I should not let it go to waste.

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