Friday, June 10, 2011

Chicken Flauta

Still been very busy, have not had time to spend in the kitchen.  But the other day I was craving for a quick snack.  So I made chicken flautas accompanied by a simple salsa.  I know my flautas don't look much like flutes.  They looked more like flat turons.   My excuse, I was in a hurry thus the misshaped flautas.   What's important is they still tasted great, or was I just really really hungry.  Anyways if you are like me who seems to be a very busy bee these days you may want to try this recipe.

You will need:
cooked canned chicken (I don't add anymore salt because the chicken is already cooked, I just season it with pepper)
tortilla wraps
grated cheese
cooking oil

Place some chicken and grated cheese in a tortilla, wrap it tightly to form a flute like shape.  Then fry in cooking until each side turns golden brown.  Serve together with a simple salsa. Enjoy!

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