Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dad's 65th Birthday Celebration

Dad's actual birthday is on June 23rd, the family got together 2 days later to celebrate his 65th.  It was a very happy occasion, the food was great and  the memories we created even better. 

This was the whole spread, Mom cooked Dad's favorites seafood dishes.  Dad loved everything he said "Lahat masarp! (everything is delicious)"

Mom had to cook grilled fish because this is one of Dad's all time favorite.  The fish was fresh and huge, it took quite some time to cook. Mom was able to grill this to perfection.

 We had to have pansit for long life.  Mom ordered from Aling Lucy's, a local restaurant in the area. Their bilao of pansit can feed a whole army, what's even better their price is very affordable. 

Dad of course was the star of the day, however there was another star - the lechon.  We usually order our lechon from Cebu, but this year we had Negros style from General's Lechon.  This was one of my favorite discovery from the Yummy Eats event. So happy that the family loved it, though Mom and Dad still favor the lechon Cebu, the General's Lechon is a close second for them.  As for me I like this lechon better than Cebu's.  I love that the meat is lean, not much fat at all, thus there is no sebo.  Also the skin remained crispy throughout the whole day. I have to commend them for delivering the lechon on time, even though typhoon Falcon was still raging over Metro Manila. Hope the General will be a constant guest of honor in our family celebrations :) 

Mom's famous fruit salad is present during family occasions.  Her fruit salad is so good that whenever my Uncle Ben comes home from the US and visits the house this is the first thing he looks for.  One time Mom gave him a bottle of fruit salad which Uncle Ben consumed on his flight back home to the US. 

Everyone's favorite crabs had to make an appearance.  Mom told her suki to make sure that each crab was was meaty and the fat yellow.  Ate Suki did not disappoint, all the crabs passed Mom's standards, super yummy.

This shell soup dish is the favorite of "Tthe Boys", 1st Brother's two young sons.  The mussels were fresh and plump, and the warm soup was perfect for the cold weather we had.

This is what was left of the lechon.

The Little Ones prepared two video greetings for their Lolo.

Like I said it was an occasion of  good food and great memories.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Daddy, We LOVE YOU!


Anonymous said...

Wow lechon, never had one of those for a long time. I miss home!

Eileen said...

@Angsarap, yup lechon will really make you miss the Philippines. Hope you can come home to visit soon, and have some delicious lechon :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, was reading comments about the EB at MM site and saw your comment that you didn't make it like me. Sayang di ba? Clicked your name and found this interesting site. Maganda rin ang handaan ninyo para sa Dad mo, lechon and all goodies! Hope we will make it next EB. Thel from Florida

Eileen said...

Hi Thel. Yes I do hope to make it to MM's next EB. Hope to see you there :)

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