Thursday, June 9, 2011

Recent Junk Food Discoveries

I admit it I am a recovering junkie - a junk food junkie.  I used to consume big bags of junk food daily - Clover chips, Jack and Jill's munchies, and Frito Lay's barbecue potato chips were my junk of choice.  Due to health issues, over the past few years I have tried very hard to cure my addiction.  But last week while doing the grocery shopping 4 new junk foods caught attention, it must have been their packaging and shelf placement that got me.

These two Wild Willy's chicarones were the first to catch my eye.  I did not fully read the labels and thought that they were veggie chicharons like that of Marty's.  Upon closer inspection when I got home I discovered that these are real pork rinds.  I opened both bags and shared it with the family, the verdict it's not worth the P30.00 plus price.  It is more air that rind.  I guess for us nothing will ever compare to R. Lapid's pork chicharon, it is the best.

This is the other "chicharon" that I bought.  Now this one is actually dehydrated peas that are made to look and taste like pork chicharon.  I guess everyone is trying to join the Marty's veggie chicharon craze.  In our opinion Chicharron ni Mang Juan is going to overpass Marty's in the veggie chicharon race.  This veggie chicharon tastes better and seems to be less salty.  Marty's used to be the Little Girl's favorite, but now she says that this is her new favorite. 

Does this not remind you of another cheese snack?  The font, the color and design of the package, including the placement of the mascot looks very similar.  From afar I thought that this was Cheetos.  I really fooled me.  Cheetos is the Little Ones favorite cheese snack, but it has gotten quite expensive.  A small pack can cost you  between P15.00 to P20.00 depending where you buy.

So when I saw this medium size back at P20.00 I had to buy it and see if the Little Ones would notice. The Little Boy did not seem to notice the difference he ate his share in silence.  The Little Girl being older, noticed that there was something off with her "Cheetos".  I had to come clean and admit to her that it was Chumbos.  She said it tasted ok, but she still preferred Cheetos.  I told her let's compromise and make a deal, for special occasions we will get her Cheetos but for everyday baon we will give her Chumbos.  She agreed, I am hoping eventually she will prefer Chumbos or better yet swear off junk food completely.  


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Yey! Am not the only one who thinks Mang Juan is better than Marty's. Been trying to convert Marty's fans to see the light and change their ways. I also like Wild Willy's but I get headaches every time I eat it. Haven't tried Chumbos though. Will link your blog to mine :)

Eileen said...

Thanks jowanabueser. Let's start a movement to convert Marty's fans to Mang Juan fanatics :)

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